I mustache you a question..

Have you noticed that mustaches and mustache-like props are cool now? I’m alright with it, nothing wrong with people drawing mustaches on their fingers and holding them to their upper lip or felt mustaches at parties. I’m down on the mustaches.
Some of you might be sick of them, which I can understand. Which is exactly why I’ll only bother you with this once!
I present to you, the choco-stache.
I bought a chocolate mold at Michael’s Craft Store (yay clearance!), some lolli sticks and some Wilton’s candy melts.
The supplies
Melt the chocolate in a double burner or the microwave and pour it into the molds. Place the lolli sticks on the ridge and make sure it’s covered by the chocolate.
Melty chocolate into molds
Stick them in the fridge for an hour or so. You’ll know they’re done when they look a little “frosty” through the mold. Just give the plastic mold a little twist and they’ll pop right out!
As my ever-so-enthusiastic model shows… they’re quite a treat. 😛

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