Recipes from other bloggers that I’m itchin’ to try!

When I’m burnt out on my same old recipes, I do one of two things. I pull an idea out of my butt and roll with it, or if that turns out to be a disaster, I know I need some inspiration. Here’s a couple recipes that really caught my eye, not only do these items sound amazing, but they come from very talented bloggers! Check them out!

1.Bakerella’s “Baked Banana French Toast.”
Who doesn’t love french toast? Especially when thick slices of fresh french bread and banana’s are involved. I have all of the ingredients and nothing will stop me from recreating Bakerella’s recipe Sunday morning!

2. Jamie from My Baking Addiction’s “Sweet and Spicy Baked Chicken Wings.”

I never used to like chicken wings, I was plagued with “picky child syndrome,” I didn’t start enjoying good food for quite some time. Now? I love me some hot wings! In fact, I’ve been craving them for weeks now. Such perfect timing stumbling upon this recipe. The only thing better than hot wings, has to be homemade hot wings.

3. Chef Dennis from Katrina’s Kitchen’s “Toffee Pretzel Peanut Butter Cookies.”

Chef Dennis was a guest blogger on Katrina’s Kitchen and I’m so happy he shared this recipe! A nice mix of my favorite snacks, tossed into one cookie. I can only imagine the sweet and salty goodness, I’ll definitely make these happen in my kitchen soon!

14 thoughts on “Recipes from other bloggers that I’m itchin’ to try!

  1. emeralds82 says:

    I attempted to make guiness chocolate truffles during the week and when disaster struck I had to do some quick thinking. Instead I made guiness chocolate ice-crean…. GORGEOUS!

    • cobo0521 says:

      French toast is when you dip slices of bread into a mixture of milk, eggs and cinnamon (sometimes other ingredients, depending on what you’d like) and then heat it over a pan or skillet. It’s amazing. 😀

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