Good-bye Oven Mitt, Hello New York!

Well, this isn’t really a Good-bye, more of a See ya later! Early this Friday, I will be flying off to New York City with my mum and two sisters. Cera, my older sister, and I have never been, so this will be an extra special trip for us! Mum and Samantha, the little sister, have been a couple of times before and they’ll be showing us around town.
I’m mostly excited about the food, of course. The ladies can drag me to whatever tourist trap, monument or statue… as long as I get lots and lots of food. There will be no McDonald’s or Applebee’s visits for this girl! I hope to come back with some mini reviews and photos of some of my good and not-so-good eats. Maybe I’ll toss in a couple shots of us having a grand time as well.
You can always follow me on twitter @courtneybowen_ to check out any updates from the trip! I’m sure there will be plenty!
Have a great week! 😀

3 thoughts on “Good-bye Oven Mitt, Hello New York!

  1. monicastangledweb says:

    Have fun! I’m from New York (now living in San Diego) and, frankly, I left my heart there. So, basically, you’re going to love it–the museums, like the Met and MOMA, Broadway, Times Square, Fifth Avenue, Central Park. OMG, there’s so much to do! And so much good food. Be sure to eat New York Pizza. There’s nothing like it. I recommend a place called Patsy’s (there’s one across the street from Bloomingdale’s). But, there are only a handful of pizzerias that make coal-fired pizza (its now against the law and the ones that exist were grandfathered in) and the one to go to is:

    Lombardi’s Pizzeria, 32 Spring Street, in Soho. That pizza is to die for. Here’s a review:

    Have fun! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures! 🙂

  2. oiyoufood says:

    Cool! Will look forward to see some of your shots, spesh if they are food related! I’m always fascinated by New York! Love to go! Raha

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