Peppermint Bark

It’s beginning to look… a lot… like… Chriiiistmassss!

One of the easiest, yet tastiest things you can create for the holiday season is peppermint bark. It’s always been a favorite of mine and I don’t even like candy canes that much! As long as something is paired with chocolate, it’s got my vote. The beauty of peppermint bark is that you can tweak it to whatever works for you. A lot of people just use white chocolate and mix in the candy pieces, others don’t use candy canes at all, but use peppermint extract instead. I decided to have one layer of dark chocolate, one of white chocolate and then sprinkle some candy cane bits on top.
All you need!

1 12oz bag of white chocolate chips
1 12oz bag of dark chocolate chips
4 candy canes crushed

Melt the dark chocolate chips and spread evenly into a 9in. pan, lined with parchment paper. (If you’d like thinner bark, use a larger pan)
Smooth dark chocolate
Place the dark chocolate in the fridge while you crush the candy canes and melt the white chocolate.
Crushed Peppermint
Take the dark chocolate out of the fridge and spread the white chocolate on top.
Sprinkle the peppermint pieces over the white chocolate.
Sprinkle on top!
Place the bark in the fridge for about 45 minutes to an hour. Break the bark into pieces and enjoy!
I prefer to store my peppermint bark in the fridge, but it can also withstand room temperature storage.
Store them babies

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