Dinners for the Week

This week had to be an easier dinner sort of week. I’ll be making the drive from Northern California down to Southern California this Thursday to visit with family and friends! I didn’t want to buy a ton of groceries, just so the boyfriend can get take out every night that I’m gone. So, I ended up going with some easy dinners where I had the majority of the ingredients already.

This week, we’ll be having:
Sunday – Sandwiches of choice
Monday – Homemade mac n’ cheese
Tuesday – Crockpot orange chicken with steamed rice
Wednesday – Breakfast for dinner
Thursday – OUT
Friday – OF
Saturday – TOWN!

Dinner for the week of 3/10
Do you dig my artistic skills? My car looks like a turtle… oops.

I’m thinking that I’ll definitely be bringing my camera and notepad along for the trip. I’ll be staying with my parents for 2 nights and my sister for 1 night, one or the other is bound to cook/bake something delicious that will need to be captured for the Oven Mitt! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Dinners for the Week

  1. Julia Fairchild says:

    For the first time this week I’ve totally planned out every meal, and ACTUALLY remembered to shop for all ingredients yesterday. If I am successful in follow through, this will be ground breaking in our house… Kudos to you organized people I admire so much!

    • cobo0521 says:

      This is definitely a new thing for us too! Dinners were always just thrown together, whatever we had and whatever sounded good. I wanted to get organized and it seems to save money with groceries too! I hope it works out nicely for your household, like it has been for us. 😀

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