Quickie: Green Smoothie

Now that the weather has been warming up and Spring is just around the corner, the smoothie cravings are definitely kicking in. I have no problem indulging all year round, but something about a warm day with a smoothie in my hand… can’t beat it. I’ve discovered the “green smoothie” craze and was intrigued. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best at eating my vegetables, unless they’re dipped in ranch or part of a salad. Eek!

I’m up for anything that will help me in that department, so I’ve been doing some experimenting with these green smoothies. I usually switch off between baby kale and spinach as my green, then toss in whatever fruit sounds good! I’ve read that a lot of people add juice, yogurt and/or nuts, but I felt that keeping it basic with just the green, fruit, water and ice would be the best way to go. Anywho, I wanted to share one of my favorite green smoothie concoctions with you!
Mmmm healthy...

• 1 banana
• 1 green apple (cored and peeled)
• 1 cup spinach (I usually freeze the spinach before using, it seems to give the smoothie a better texture)
• 2 cups of ice (about 10 ice cubes)
• 1/2 cup water
Green smoothie ingredients

Just toss everything into your blender and let it go until it’s smooth! I have my blender on the highest speed setting and let it blend for a good 2-3 minutes.
Ready to blend!

Do you have any favorite smoothie recipes? Green or not, I’d love to hear about them! Have a great day!
Ready to drink!

7 thoughts on “Quickie: Green Smoothie

  1. silverscreenings says:

    I’m afraid my fave smoothie recipe isn’t that healthy: fresh fruit, some juice and ice cream! I know – it’s bad! Also, if we’re serving them on a hot day, we’ll add a splash of vodka.

    You see, this is why your recipe is necessary. To set people like me on the straight & narrow.

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