Packing for New York City

I’m leaving my flip flops and tank tops behind in the 78F “Winter” of Southern California and heading over to New York City this weekend! It will be a somewhat lengthy trip of two weeks with my boyfriend, Chris. He actually works for a company based in the city and he has flown out to work quite a few times, but he arranged this trip for this particular time so that we can be in New York for Valentine’s Day. I will be spending a good chunk of the trip alone, while he works during the week… but New York is my favorite city, so I won’t be too bummed about it! 🙂

I visited New York for the first time almost three years ago with my two sisters and my mom. I immediately felt at home! I remember being surprised over how much I loved the city. I’ve always been the one to love the outdoors, hills, lakes, desert, and beaches. Additionally, I’ve never been a fan of huge crowds, traffic, noise; however, I cannot begin to express the beauty that I see in New York City, but you can check out my blog post from that very trip right here.

A fashionista, I am not, but I was very mindful of my choices when packing for this trip. Warmth was a big factor, considering it will be significantly cooler on the East Coast! Clearly nobody is interested in seeing my pajamas, socks, and undergarments, so I have the important goodies below.

Top left corner, I have all of my long sleeved shirts/sweaters. The top right corner includes all of my layering sweaters. Moving on over to the left again, I’m bringing along one sweater dress and one basic red dress (I will clearly be pairing these with tights, boots and a coat). Sandwiched lovingly between the dresses and coats are my basic t-shirts for layering. Right below the t-shirts are the button-up shirts of my choice, obviously I’m a fan of the basics (jean, sheer black and flowy white). To the right I have my trusty coats that will be assisting me through the cold! I’ll be bringing a hip length black peacoat, a mid-thigh length gray peacoat, my weatherproof black coat (I wore this baby in Iceland, so I know it’ll be good to me), and finally a short brown leather jacket. Last, but not least are the bottoms. Nothing too exciting here, grey skinny jeans, two pairs of my favorite blue jeans, black leather leggings and my standard black leggings.

Cold weather gear will be mandatory for this trip! I absolutely love hats and scarves. I don’t get to wear these things often in California, so it’ll be a nice change of pace. I’m bringing a little bit of everything to go with any outfit.

My favorite…. shoes…. Boots are my bitch. Same thing with hats and scarves, I don’t get to wear boots very often in California… So, now I’m bringing ALL DE BOOTZ (Well, at least these five)!! Starting from the left, I’m bringing along my black, chunky heeled ankle booties (Target); Brown, laced up ankle booties (Steve Madden); Army green short boots (Steve Madden); Black lower low/mid-calf boots (Target); and of course, the tall, sexy, black heeled boots (Nordstrom).

I hope to put together some outfits of the day during my trip, as well as post about experiences, food, and all the other goodness that will come of this trip. Do you have any suggestions for restaurants, bars, interesting sights? I would love to know about it!

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